Thursday, June 29, 2017

Space Paws v0.56.1 release for patrons // v0.49.1 public release

The v0.56.1 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$+ patrons:

  • The changelog for this version:
  • New planet (WIP, no H-scenes still there)
  • Chapter 5th of Alison's diary is readable now.
  • Queen Roselyn's character has been reworked. 
  • Roselyn's final H-scene has been reworked.
  • Roselyn's Bedchamber background has been reworked. 
  • Added a Roselyn's Foreplay movie.
  • Lake date with Roselyn has been totally reworked.
  • Added cheats option (only one cheat in this update).
  • Minor bugs has been fixed.
  • Grammar  and typo fixes.

There's a walkthrough for this version and a cheat code for the bracelet available for our 10$ patrons:

Our v0.49 is also public. You can download it here (recommended option):


EXE version:

SWF version:


EXE version:!RRN2BAhT!aBJuJ_yGtkT1-8FTShg7sHOSrJBaWYMFBpXdl8YTUkc

SWF version :!sFsXRYbT!fMcLr2RNSEC2-Irxr0xGNly690U48OmGVYW1gFKI1Ro

If you prefer, you can play it ONLINE on: 
Make sure you see "0.49.2" on the main menu, if you get a different version, you just have to clean your cache and it'll work.

The complete changelog for this public version is:

  • New easter egg on the Cat planet ( 1 H-scene +1  background + other options)
  •  Dates with Alison on the Cat planet (different outfits)
  •  Facial animations for inhabitans of the Cat planet
  •  New base body for Alison (only present at the Cat planets dates still)
  •  Facial animations for new Alison's body
  •  Alison cowgirl H-scene has been replaced by a new CG
  •  New mini game for skills training
  •  Chaper 4 of Alison's Diary (labyrinth + 1 H-scene)
  •  Chaper 1's H-scene of Alison's diary has been reworked
  •  Roselyn's Throne room has been reworked
  •  MC's reflection on the planet selection screen
  •  Some small animations have been added (market and cockpit room,Ginny... )
  •  H-sounds of Nebet's dates have been modified.
  •  New background spaceship's sound

Have a happy Summer! :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When will Space Paws be finished?
Making a promise is the first step to breaking it. We have in mind to finish the game at some point of 2018, most likely second half. The version of the last update indicates approximately the state of development of the game. Example: v.0.49 = 49% of development

  • When will the next update be available?
Same answer as before, we don't want to tell a date, and then break the promise. You just have to follow the Development Diaries on Patreon if you want to read about what point of development we're at, and please be patient.

  • How many of you are working on the project?
We're only two. We're a couple, in fact. We work very well together, for that reasons there're no plans to add any members in a short future.

  • I downloaded the game but I can't play it. What am I doing wrong?
Follow these instructions:

-First of all, the file you downloaded is a compressed file (.rar, .tar, .zip... doesn't matter). You can use some freeware software like 7z or Peazip to extract the content. If you're using MAC, we recommend using a freeware named UnrarX or Winzip for mac to extract the content. You have to extract everything, so the main game file and a folder called "files" should be in the same directory. It should look this way:

-After extracting everything, if you don't have it, install a standalone Flash Player. (The one installed on your browser could not work).You can find this software at the official Adobe Flash Player website:

For Windows:

For MAC:

  • The game works fine, but I'm not able to see any H-scene. What do I have to do?
If you downloaded the game make sure that the executable file (for example: Space Paws 0.49.1.swf) and the folder "files" are in the same directory (as in the image above). Otherwhise the game won't be able to load the content of this needed folder. 

If you are playing online, make sure to be using a browser like Chrome or Opera. We've found out that Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge security settings don't allow you to load the external files. That's not something we can fix or do anything about, it's just how those browsers are built.

  • I can't save any game! What can I do?

This usually has to do with your flash settings. Take a look at this and change the storage settings, allowing flash to storage data:

There's also a patron who had this problem and solved it this way (copy-pasted message): "I had my game files located in a folder that started with a period so it would come up on searches and galleries.  It also hid it from the game so it had no clue where to route the save.  Removing the period from the start of the folder name fixed it."

  • Will Space Paws be available for mobile devices (Android, iPhone)?
No. Adapting everything for other devices would take quite long. We prefer starting other projects instead. Sorry :(

  • Why does the game need to load external files?
Currently, the game size is around 120mb and has more than 1k files in it. So it's easier for flash to load external content that once you've seen it it's "killed", letting more free RAM on your computer and making a better gameplay experience :)

  • Why are you redoing some art, animations...?
Because during the development of the game we improved, and those improvements are really noticeable. We want Space Paws to look homogeneous and with a high quality. There're different styles of animations and coloring righ now, so all the outdated stuff will end up looking the same as the new content.

  • Is Space Paws your first project?
It is!
  • Is there life after Space Paws?
Future is uncertain. But it's very likely. In fact, we already have several ideas about other projects that we'd like to make real.

Space Paws v0.75 patreon release // Space v0.69 public release

The alpha version 0.75 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$ patrons. You can find it here: