Thursday, March 9, 2017

Space Paws 0.49 release for patrons // 0.45.2 public release

Space Paws 0.49v is already available for 2$+ patrons:

The changelog of this new version is:

  • New easter egg on the Cat planet ( 1 H-scene +1  background + other options)
  •   Dates with Alison on the Cat planet (different outfits)
  •   Facial animations for inhabitans of the Cat planet
  •   New base body for Alison (only present at the Cat planets dates still)
  •   Facial animations for new Alison's body
  •   Alison cowgirl H-scene has been replaced by a new CG
  •   New mini game for skills training
  •   Chaper 4 of Alison's Diary (labyrinth + 1 H-scene)
  •   Chaper 1's H-scene of Alison's diary has been reworked
  •   Roselyn's Throne room has been reworked
  •   MC's reflection on the planet selection screen
  •   Some small animations have been added (market and cockpit room,Ginny... )
  •   H-sounds of Nebet's dates have been modified.
  •   New background spaceship's sound

Plus, Space Paws 0.45.2 is already public. The changelog for this  version is:

  • Nebet's route is finished (including final quiz, a new H-scene and a Foreplay movie)
  • A new H-scene for Erin's Easter Egg
  • 3rd Chapter of Alison's diary (with a new H-scene)
  • Spaceship reworks: MC room, Alison's room, Library, Cryo Room, Corridor, Cockpit Room and Storage Room
  • Market rework (Dog planet)
  • Dating with Nebet as "close friend" makes the date more direct (talk or sex options)
  • Minor improvements on the interface and some other small elements
  • Training status letters are dark red now (visibility reasons)
  • The last reported bugs are now fixed

You can download it from the following links:

EXE version (Win): 

SWF version (Win & Mac):

In the next days/week it will be also uploaded to the next portals:

  • Wetpussygames
  • Gamesofdesire
  • Newgrounds
  • Gamcore

How to extract the .rar: you just need 7z, Winrar, UnrarX (for mac users) or similar software to open the .rar file. Then extract ALL the content (It's a single folder) and just open the swf/exe that is inside. Inside there's a README. Read it if you don't want to miss the H-scenes ;)

Space Paws v0.75 patreon release // Space v0.69 public release

The alpha version 0.75 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$ patrons. You can find it here: