Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Space Paws 0.45 release for patrons & Space Paws 0.42 public release

Space Paws 0.45v is already available for 2$+ patrons:

The changelog of this new version is:
  • Nebet's route is finished (including final quiz, a new H-scene and a Foreplay movie)
  • A new H-scene for Erin's Easter Egg
  • 3rd Chapter of Alison's diary (with a new H-scene)
  • Spaceship reworks: MC room, Alison's room, Library, Cryo Room, Corridor, Cockpit Room and Storage Room
  • Market rework (Dog planet)
  • Dating with Nebet as "close friend" makes the date more direct (talk or sex options)
  • Minor improvements on the interface and some other small elements
  • Training status letters are dark red now (visibility reasons)
  • The last reported bugs are now fixed

Plus, Space Paws 0.42.1 is already public. The changelog for this  version is:

  • Nebet's route is longer, including 3 new dates with her:
  • [4 new backgrounds, 5 new characters pictures, a new mini game, 3 new animated H-scenes*, sounds, music ,objects...]
  • Landing Zone of dog's planet has been reworked.
  • Added a new chapter of the Alison's Diary (Chapter 2) with a new animated H-scene* with Alison.
  • Added a new labyrinth dream for Chapter 02
  • You can interact with E-Millio now
  • You can access to the card files of the human characters in the Cryo room
  • All the H-scenes (the old one andthe new one) are loaded externally now.
  • Some adjustments on the quality of the pics
  • Training status now give you more points.
  • Days limit 40
  • Revision of bugs, spelling/grammar mistakes.

You can download it from the following links:

EXE version (medafire):
EXE version (MEGA):

SWF version (medafire):
SWF version (MEGA)

Or play it online at wetpussygames

How to extract the .rar: you just need 7z, Winrar, UnrarX (for mac users) or similar software to open the .rar file. Then extract ALL the content (It's a single folder) and just open the swf/exe that is inside. Inside there's a README. Read it if you don't want to miss the H-scenes ;)


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    1. We'll check it. Is it the only one that doesn't load? Did you get to load properly all the new Nebet's H-scenes? Are the folder "files" and the exe/swf in the same folder?

    2. Just tested and it worked perfectly. Read the readme, or redownload just in case you deleted some files by accident.
      Tip: even if you redownload the game, if it is on the same directory than your previous download and it has the same name, the save game will work. This only works for same versions of the game.

    3. Thank you. It was the fault of the swf version. But it does not happen with the exe version ^^

    4. There was an issue with swf version that it's fixed already. Links have been changed.

  2. will be such public version 0.45v

    1. When the next update for patrons is ready. So expect at least a couple of months

  3. Hmm, has anyone found the new h-scene for Erin? I can't seem to find it.

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  5. when will version 0.42.1 be available on wetpussy games?

    1. Thanks for replying and really enjoyed the game keep up the hard work.:)

  6. Love the game, When do you guys think it will be fully released?

    On a side note, I love this game so much that I would like to know if Taifun Riders has any other games.

  7. Some bug... I read diary in 31 day, after I go sleep... and he jumps in 45 day, and game over.

  8. Found this game today and already love it. Can't wait to see the next update and am excited to play it.

  9. Do you (creators of the game) have any idea of when the game will be fully complete?

  10. when the next version is published?

  11. The game is amazing! The only problem I have is that you have to choose either rosalyn or nebet. I would prefer to be able to have both of them in the same game instead of having to do two. It just makes more sense with the story progression.

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