Friday, September 23, 2016

Space Paws 0.42.1 available for patrons

Space Paws 0.42.1 is already available for patrons. The changelog for this new update is:

-Nebet's route is longer, including 3 new dates with her:
[4 new backgrounds, 5 new characters pictures, a new mini game, 3 new animated H-scenes*, sounds, music ,objects...]
-Landing Zone of dog's planet has been reworked.
-Added a new chapter of the Alison's Diary (Chapter 2) with a new animated H-scene* with Alison.
-Added a new labyrinth dream for Chapter 02
-You can interact with E-Millio now
-You can access to the card files of the human characters in the Cryo room
-All the H-scenes (the old one andthe new one) are loaded externally now.
-Some adjustments on the quality of the pics
-Training status now give you more points.
-Days limit 40
-Revision of bugs, spelling/grammar mistakes.

Plus, some weeks ago we made a achievement picture (dakimakura of Nebet and Alison) for all our patrons.

Become a patron to get the update and the full version of the CG with a resolution of 2400x4200:


  1. Replies
    1. When we finish a new update for our patrons, the 0.42v will be public. When will that be? 2 months? More? Less? We don't know yet :)

    2. But wasn't the last version for non-patrons just a month (+ some days) later available after the update for patrons? Here are 0.4 versions difference, but I don't think that there was a post for patrons as the 3.8.2 update got available... (or was there?)

    3. After the 0.38, came the 0.42. The numbers represents the % of development of the final game. There aren't any 0.39 or a 0.40v of the game, they just don't exist. I hope it helped, see you!

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    5. We already have waited a month, like last time (except some days) and now you are saying that we need to wait <2> additional months for the next update (for patrons (early access))? Last time it was delayed, because you made some minor updates, but this time the version is ready, so why do you keep letting us wait ):

    6. Hey ya'll, we can't have our cake and eat it too. The patreons are paying to support this game we all enjoy and thus they get access to it first. It's totally fine and understandable that some people would rather put their money somewhere else, but that means we have to accept the limitations of that decision. We aren't paying so we will get the game when we get it and it will be great!

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  4. When will the the newest update come out for non-patron users

  5. It's like a month or 3 i think...well probably released at december right if possible i should really thank you for the game you guys were making and it was the least effort i could do was support...or even without money i wouldn't become a patron to play early versions of the game of luck to ya and stay healthy :3

  6. Hello how is it going? Sorry if I wrote badly but is the google translator 😅

  7. Anything? I'm so ready and it's been forever!

  8. How about coming out for long


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