Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Endless loading screen when loading H-scene (spinning paw)

We've noticed that there's an issue with the online version of Space Paws 0.38.2. Some users are reporting that the external H-scenes are not loaded correctly and the spinning paw keeps spinning for ages.

After checking different browsers, we can say that the online version of Space Paws is running fine with Google Chrome, but it doesn't with Mozilla Firefox.
This browser doesn't let you load external content due a quite tigh security system default on this browser. In few words, Mozilla doesn't let you load anything but "https" content (so all addresses with "http" are blocked). That's why Firefox doesn't let you play well our game in this version with external content.

So we recommend you to play the game on Chrome or download it from here (we didn't check other browsers like Safari, Opera, IE...)

It's a bit frustrating to work hard in an online version and find an annoying issue like this, but we'll try to find a better solution to those of you that want to play the game on your Mozilla Firefox in future updates.


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