Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi there!

We're working on the new update incoming in february. This one (probably named 0.25v) will be first released for patrons who have supported us on January. Aprox a month later will be made public. 

This version will include the content of the 0.18v  (for sure!).
(This one was not/will not be made public because not  many new content was released on it : an animated H-scene with Alison, H-scene in Lake and a few more improvements ).

In 0.25 you'll see new Alison's face, expressions and body. We can say that it'll be an important global improvement , especially from 0,15 (the last public).


  1. Hi Arild!
    To become a patron you have to create an account on Patreon. Then, on our patreon page, you have to press "become patron" button, specifying the amount you want to pledge.
    Of course, in order to pledge any amount you'll need a bank account/paypal...


Space Paws v0.75 patreon release // Space v0.69 public release

The alpha version 0.75 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$ patrons. You can find it here: