Monday, December 28, 2015

Space Paws (Alpha 0.15v) links

Here there're all the ways to play Space Paws (0.15):

You can...

Download it


- Play it on : Wetpussygames || Newgrounds  ||  Gamesofdesire


  1. the download version of the game doesn't start just perpetually loads

  2. Hi Ridenzel!
    That's because you're opening the swf file with a browser. Try to open it with Adobe Flash Player. It'll work ;)

  3. It doesn't work with the latest version of AdobeAIR, it's just an endless loading bar... You're saying we should use a 3rd Party player?

    I'm always wary of those but perhaps you can recommend one?


Space Paws v0.75 patreon release // Space v0.69 public release

The alpha version 0.75 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$ patrons. You can find it here: