Monday, December 28, 2015

Space Paws (Alpha 0.15v) links

Here there're all the ways to play Space Paws (0.15):

You can...

Download it


- Play it on : Wetpussygames || Newgrounds  ||  Gamesofdesire


We're happy to share with you an important partnership we've made with Wetpussygames

Thanks to his collaboration and to our patrons Space Paws is growing


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Good news! Finally the 0.15v is out! Only for patrons at the moment.

Here's the changelog:

-Added day event with Alison
-Added a new H-scene with Roselyn
-0.10 H-scene with Roselyn is animated and interactive now
-Added attribute text when training
-Added sprouts room (it hasn't any relevance in 0.15v)
-Added a hint in the cave's puzzle
-Right upper corner menu is more visible
-Changed Alison's outfit when awakening
-Alison silhouette/breasts has been modified
-Mouse-over labels with description of the event
-Studying costs now 40 energy
-Charming costs 30 and raises up to 3 points
-Impressing Roselyn needs 20 charming points (instead of 60)
-Riddles have been resized to 5 (the easier ones) instead of 10
-Roselyn Quiz has been resized to 6 instead of 10
-Added in Roselyn's Quiz right or wrong sounds
-There're 3 provisional endings (Alison route, Roselyn route, Losing time route)
-Minor changes is some dialogues
-Some grammar mistakes were corrected

0.15v will be public when the next update is available for patrons

Space Paws v0.75 patreon release // Space v0.69 public release

The alpha version 0.75 of Space Paws is already available for our 2$ patrons. You can find it here: